We don’t exactly know when Little Lad was born, but we do know that 7 years ago today he had the chance of a new life, so here’s to you Little Lad 7 today !!!

He was rescued along with 6 other donkeys from a world of neglect, fear and starvation as the country was gripped in artic conditions in one of the most severe winters of late. All of the donkeys had overgrown corkscrew hooves, some were emaciated and one so weak she had to be carried to the lorry. The person responsible had been banned from keeping equines previously. These frightened donkeys were kept with 2 of their friends who had died from the neglect and many dead chickens, ducks and geese. It was on of the worst welfare cases the RSPCA and The Donkey Sanctuary had seen.

Only 5 of them survived and all found peace and love at The Donkey Sanctuary. I’m sure if the welfare officer in charge of this case could see what a handsome, inquisitive, playful, big and intelligent donkey Little Lad has become she would be delighted.

He found companionship in George and they are inseparable. Like a tag team keeping us on our toes and giving us huge amounts of pleasure.

You’ve come a long way Little Lad !!!