Sophie came to see us today to check how the boys were settling in …… Little Lad being a Skewbald had been rolling yesterday and didn’t look the pristine white he did when they delivered him last week. For the first few weeks we aren’t grooming them just letting them come to us. Sophie thought the fact he had been rolling and lying down was a good sign that he feels comfortable ……. For about 10mins this morning the 2 of them were playing but to be honest it looked more like they wanted to kill each other, biting, kicking and going for each other’s ankles trying to do a real slam dunk !!! And then it was just chasing each other up and down which was quite sweet, cantering and dodging away from each other.  

So we just have to keep doing what we are doing and let the boys settle and slowly,slowly interact with them more and more.  Patience Patience !!!