We have had a great today with our donkeys. First of all we got them some sand for their sand pit and this was the result …..

IMG_1985 IMG_1977

After all that excitement they just had to chill out in the afternoon sunshine


This is a good sign lying down together, as it means they are confident in their surrondings and one of them doesn’t need to be standing guard in case a Wild Dog or Hyena  should pop out of the hedge…………..You would not believe how popular they can be in this part of Somerset LOL (bray out loud).

Just after dinner we decided to go and have another cuddle with them and take them a few treats. They both had a couple of carrot pieces so we thought we would just grab their headcollars. We put them on George and Little Lad and gently walked with them around the paddock. Was this a case of great behaviour or could they smell those Carrots and Apples in our pockets ???? Whichever it was we were delighted that our new friends are beginning to trust us and feel extremely priviligded to share these amazing moments with our donkeys who start in life was certainly not the best ……….