So we’ve had a great day today ……. After a morning of routine maintenance and the mandatory massaging of those amazing ears we took George and Little Lad for a little stroll up the lane for the first time.  Headcollars on and looking very smart we set off to leave the field. As usual George who is more confident was raring to go and Little Lad who likes to take things at his own pace. To come out of the field you have to walk over our hardstanding near our car port and because it is a different surface they need to asses the situation ( you know it could be quicksand lol). Hilarious….  George was stood there with one hoof on and one hoof hanging in the air not sure wether to put it down or not. Confident there was no danger we are off, closely followed by Little Lad. Across the gravel drive and turn left up Rag lane and past a couple of neighbours and all the new things to see and smell the boys were very animated with everything, ears twitching and on high alert they couldn’t have been better behaved if they had tried …… Amazing animals, to trust us to take them out their comfort zone …. I can’t imagine life without them now and would highly recommend anyone thinking about fostering from #thedonkeysanctuary to DO IT  they give so much joy ( and quite a lot of poop!!!) and ask for only love in return.