We received this today from Sophie our welfare officer. Thought you would all like to know Georges start in life ….

On 29th October 2010, in the early hours of the morning a donkey gave birth to a colt foal on a particularly cold and wet night. Bonny had foaled in the field and somehow had managed to get her new foal into the stable where the owner found them in the morning. He was very surprised as he was unaware that Bonny was even pregnant

 At first he thought the foal was dead and immediately rang the vet and myself for help and advice.

Bonny still had a foal feeding from her and it was unknown if George had received the colostrum. He was very cold and listless and Bonny seemed to be in shock. She was not making milk and so our priority was to keep George warm and to start bottle feeding him .

The next few days were touch and go. Bonny was given extra feed and George wore 2 coats to keep warm.

On the fourth day, the owner decided to relinquish the donkeys to the DS as he knew he didn’t have the expertise to help these donkeys survive. As they were both too weak to make the long journey to the DS, it was decided that they should go to a more local veterinary hospital where they stayed for 3 weeks until strong enough to make the trip to Sidmouth.

 Thanks to the owner making the right decision, George is now a fit, lively 6 month old, tormenting his mother on a daily basis. Both can be seen at Slade Farm
Here he is now enjoying life at #kapz HQ