So today the 2 boys had their first pedicure (or hoof trimming in donkey speak 🐴). We couldn’t have chosen a more windy day. We caught the boys about 20 minutes before Matt ( the amazing ) donkey farrier was due. As soon as they saw him coming into their field with his tool belt on they new there was something afoot ( pardon the punn). Both decided they were not going to join in this little party and tried to get away. 

Matt suddenly realised he’d seen these donkeys before and could name them …. Out of the thousands of donkeys he sees at the  Sanctuary  he remembered them ( not sure if that was a good sign or not )!!! He has looked after their hooves from a very early age. Anyway he took Little Lad in hand and after a good 10 minutes of lots of scratching and reassuring he got to work on his hooves. After only his nearside being done he wanted off but Khush had seen how firm Matt was and did not let go off Little Lad. He was truly amazing (Khush I mean ).   George wanted to join his friend going round and round in circles !!! 

Matt decided to bring George to just outside the stable and tie him up as they had never their feet done without being tied up before. Little Lad looked on and you could almost see in eyes he thought “OMG I’m next”. 

Anyway we got them done thanks to the amazing skill of Matt who has such a way with them. When we let them go they just wandered off and started playing…… Was George trying to bite Little Lads ankles or was he checking out his posh hooves – hard to tell. We learnt a lot from Matt in that hour so a big thank you to him and Sophie for recommending him. Bring on the vet !!!