Just had the best day with our dnkys.com today – what a pair of absolute charmers.

Sophie from the Donkey Sanctuary arrived at 11am for her regular visit, all ready to help us with our first Vet visit!!!!

Anyway – for 15 solid minutes they ran round and round the field around us – chasing after one another, playing with footballs and generally showing off.

Having a 250Kg dnky running towards you is some experience, I tell you – there are skid marks in the mud and at one point we thought they were going to go flying!

Little Lad was amazing, running just fast enough for George to keep up and slowing down when he could not reach him. Little Lad ran, and looked behind at the same time. Sophie says she has never seen this before.

The speed and fun they were having was so uplifting to see, we were in absolute stitches PLUS for Sophie to witness their frolicking first-hand was pretty special too. I am still giggling and it shows how well they are settling in and how happy they are!

When all the hoofing around was over, they were so exhausted they were sweating and the vets appointment came and went without any drama and we have had loads of cuddles and treats since!

What a cracker – photos to follow soon!