So after appalling weather yesterday and realising that the opening to our stable faced the wrong way, we set out to change that today. Yesterday morning even though George hadn’t set foot outside he was wet as was the bedding about a 1/3 into the stable. 

We had in the summer put some hardcore and bark down in the area directly outside their door. Today we increased that area by 400%. Our field is very wet and cloggy underfoot. We dug out the very boggy earth and shovelled 2 tonnes of aggregate into it by hand !!! And then covered it in bark. The whole time we were doing this the donkeys were oblivious to what was going on and enjoying their freedom in their paradise pasture. 

With the outside done we started on the inside. At the moment the entrance faces due south and the prevailing wind and rain is coming from the same direction. Now our boys have to walk through the open side ( to the right of the picture ) to get to the entrance to their stable at the back. The old entrance has been closed up. Same building, same straw, same smell but to them it was something completely new. After lots of coaxing and patience they eventually decided to give it try and walked in and around their new abode. Hopefully they will like it and think the changes are a great improvement. Now we can face any weather,  a bit better prepared – our boys will be more sheltered , warmer, drier and hopefully happier.