At last a day when you can really feel the warmth of the sun !!!

George and Little Lad couldn’t be happier! 

Earlier today I decided to bag the poo straight from the field rather than put it on the muck heap and sort it out later. It at least cuts out one job. George had other ideas and thought it would be a good day today to do some muck spreading … As I was putting it in the bag he was picking up the bag and swinging it as wild as he could so the poo was flying everywhere… Just wished I had my camera at that moment. Don’t you just love ’em 😍😍😍. 

This afternoon the boys had their feet done. They were so well behaved and calm. They have improved 100% since the last time, although Little Lad does have the peculiar habit of eating the bits of hoof Matt has shaved off …. Mmmmmmm tasty. 

So proud of our boys today !!!