So last Thursday we were surprised not to be woken with the usual cacophony of braying from our 2 beautiful boys. 

Anyway it turns out there was a reason for this. George was stood in the middle of the field on  3 legs  with his trusty steed at his side. He couldn’t weight bear on his front near side leg ( left front). There were no obvious wounds or signs of injury so we called the vet immediately. 

He came within 30 mins and after great inspection and finding the point of pain …. Poor George, decided that it was likely a twist to the knee joint or a sprain of ligaments/tendons. He injected George with anti-inflammatories and pain killers and left us with some pain killing granules for the next 4 days. Within 30 mins  George was walking around, although on the advice of our welfare officer Sophie we restricted the area they had to aid recovery and rest. I have to say George kept himself pretty still for a couple of days and close to his stable. Sensible boy. 

He had his pain killing meds in a jam sandwich ( raspberry on brown!) on the advice again of Sophie. Of course Little Lad couldn’t miss out …. He just had the sandwich minus the meds!!! 

Within 2 days George had shown great improvement and by Tuesday this week was back to normal with no swelling in his knee. Great to see. Little lad really stepped up to the mark, not trying to encourage George to run around as he normally would. He also didn’t leave Georges side when the vet was with him. Very brave for a donkey  who is wary of new situations. 

This was our first emergency but we were all calm and just hoping it was nothing more serous. 

George has a small patch of fur shaved off where the vet had to inject him, but he wears it like true badge of honour to show us all how brave he was.