Today these two spent 20mins tussling over an old welly. Even though Little Lad is bigger and stronger than George he didn’t get it all his own way. George fought for that welly and was pushing and pulling Little  Lad all over the field. 

I can’t remember who let go first but that was like red rag to a bull and the chase began. Up and down the field, wrestling each other to the ground, nipping at ankles, tails and manes anything either of them could grab hold of. 

The builders next door just stood in amazement for a while. I on the other hand was frozen to the spot. If you have ever witnessed these two boys running around before like Sophie has from #donkeysanctuary you will know how fast they go and how tight their turns are. There was literally a hairs breadth between me and them. 

15 minutes later they are stood there puffing away and all sweaty but great to see them enjoying life. 

We moved them on to a new bit of paddock yesterday to give the ground that was being churned up a rest – now after all that speed and pounding it looks the same as the other side. You just got to love ’em !