So whenever you do anything new with donkeys they take time to get used to it. So armed with that information and expert advice from the fabulous Sophie at The Donkey Sanctuary we thought we would give rugs a try. 
They have been outside ( the rugs that is !) on the bench for the last couple of days just so the donkeys can an investigate and give them a good going over. This afternoon we put a headcollar on George and gently placed the rug on the ground in front of him. He wasn’t that bothered by it, but gave a little nuzzle through. So  with lots of reassurance and soft words I picked it and gently and calming put it on him. We think he thought he looked quite handsome in it. Little Lad was eagerly looking on !! He even winked at George ! ( or maybe it was just an eye twitch!) 

So tomorrow we will do the same and if Little Lad is up to it then maybe show him his ! He is usually quite happy for George to be the Guinea pig just incase it’s something he won’t like, but I think he realised today that George looked cute, happy and smart in his rug so why wouldn’t he want to try !