EVERYONE without exception, should hug a Donkey at least once a day!!!

Luckily, being a foster family, acheiving that goal is usually, not that tricky. 

As George and Little Lad have settled into their new home over the last few months, they have slowly but surely, become more and more confident around us and their surroundings. 

Over the last couple of weeks, George especially has come on so well. He is very inquisitive. Always wanting to be first in the que and involved with pretty much everything thats going on and Little Lad is never far behind him. 

So as the days are getting wetter, today started off by moving the boys onto some new un-trodden ground. 

What joy!!!
As soon as the boys stepped into the new area, they started sprinting, bucking, hoofing and generally fooling around for a good 10 minutes. It was so funny and I really don’t remember seeing them so excited before. 
Seeing Happy Donkeys is extremely satisfying. 

Throughout the day, they spent most of the time munching on the new grass and watching the passers by!

This evening we walked down to give the boys their evening meal and once finished, Little Lad enjoyed a calming 15 minute massage. 

He just stood there enjoying all the attention. So chilled, beathing deeply, interacting and loving the cuddles and attention. Its the closest moment we have shared together – quite overwhelming really. 

What wonderful animals.