So here it is. Over the last 11 months that we have been custodians of these amazing animals, we have learnt a thing or two and so have they. 

They are more intelligent and sensitive than most people would give them credit for and there is nothing stupid about them. 

When we do the usual routine of picking out their hooves I always say ” come on lift it up” as I gently persuade them to stand on 3 legs and let me clean out the hoof in my hand. Over the last couple of days Little Lad has been very keen to lift his feet up …. Today was simply a revelation! 

He watched while George had his grooming session and then walked into me as if to say ” don’t worry about my headcollar today, I can’t wait to to have my pampering “. 

So worry I didn’t and set about grooming him all over. He does love this and his little bottom lip starts to quiver when he gets really relaxed. Then on to his feet ( still no headcollar). I always show them what I have taken out of the grooming kit so as not to worry them. I was still scratching his shoulder when suddenly I realised he had his leg in the in the air – waiting for me to take it and clean out his hoof. Simply amazing. I only had to move to the next leg and he was there, hoof in the air – all 4 legs the same. This donkey is so intelligent it’s scary ! And trusting too … Who knows where we will be in another 12 months ! 

We love our donkeys πŸ΄πŸ΄πŸ’–πŸ’•