So our boys should be awarded a Golden  Carrot as they certainly put on a show when Sophie and Lou came to visit from the Donkey Sanctuary!

Little Lad who is normally a bit reserved was very inquisitive. I think Lou had  deliberately doused herself in mint cordial before she arrived as he wouldn’t leave her alone. He frisked every pocket! 

Gorgeous George was his normal cute and overwhelming self wanting to be everyone’s friend. Two donkeys in a field no headcollar, just showing how amazing they are and how settled they are with us. It was quite fitting that Sophie and Lou should visit on that day , as it was 1 year ago exactly that we had the call to  meet our boys for the first time. Our year has been filled with the most amazing and overwhelming experiences. It is impossible to imagine our life before these humble creatures blessed us with their love and antics……..

Here are some pictures of our boys playing to the camera and showing how settled they have become ……